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Easy Arts & Crafts

Easy Arts & Crafts

Paper Cutting

Golden Kids Learning has a variety of ready-to-cut paper templates that kids can fold, cut, color, and get crafty. We have shapes ranging from animals to vehicles to fruits!!

Our paper cutting and coloring arts and crafts activity allows children to creatively express themselves. Using scissors to cut out the fun shapes will allow children to develop their hand – eye coordination skills, fine motor skills, and build up the muscles in their hand, fingers, and wrist. These muscles are important for writing, painting, and doing everyday tasks such as brushing your teeth, eating with utensils, and getting dressed.

After the shapes are cut, they can color it in any way they like with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Coloring also helps children build up the muscles in their hand which aids in manipulating small objects. It also improves hand-eye coordination and develops spatial awareness.


  1. Fold along the dotted line
  2. Cut along the solid black lines
  3. Unfold to reveal the shape
  4. Color